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Keep up to date on all that’s happening in the world of office culture in our monthly newsletter.
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Meet the movers and shakers that are refining how their companies, and the world, works.
Rene Ledezma facilities manager head of U.S. facilities
From Teenage Production Assistant to Director of U.S. Facilities
Rene Ledezma of Los Angeles’ Entertainment One discusses how he built his career and moved into a management position.
How Lance Blair office operations manager built his career at in tech
One Office Operations Manager's Journey from Hollywood to Tech
Lance Blair of Los Angeles-based Science Inc. discusses the intersections he’s found between the entertainment and startup industries.
Lauren T. Mack actor, office manager, and marketing team member at Flexport
How Acting Prepared Flexport’s Lauren Mack for a Startup Role
The actor embraced her role as a temporary office manager and grew into a creative career at the shipping startup.
Kia Brooks, the Associate Director of Sales and Operations at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP by Jeff Mertz
Creating Space to Connect at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP
How Kia Brooks draws on her experience in film and PR to create a welcoming, dynamic community space for media makers.
Gregory Galant, CEO of Muck Rack and Sawhorse Media
How Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant Built a Lean Media Company
Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant discusses how he built a sustainable digital media business and embraced a distributed workforce.
Bevi sustainable office water cooler
How Bevi Created a Smart, Sustainable Office Water Cooler
How the Boston startup is bringing water cooler culture into the 21st century.
How Pilot’s Dana Altman Creates a Workplace Her Team Loves
The Operations Manager brings a connected, people-centric approach to her work at the internet service provider.
Designing a Dynamic Workspace and Culture at true[X]
How Shaina Traunfeld and Diana DiCocco helped create a welcoming, flexible space for their whole team.
by Jeff Mertz
From the Kitchen to the Office: Where Catering, Community, and Entrepreneurship Align
FoodtoEat helps make company meals opportunities to discover new cuisines.
Photo by William Perls
BetterUp’s Lily Roosevelt on Her Quest For Lifelong Learning
How a new office manager created a workspace to support professional and personal development.
From Punk Shows and Museum Management to Building a Global Operations Team at Hired
How Jamie Gray leads an inclusive, worldwide team.
Photo by Jeff Mertz
Master of the Multitask: SquareFoot’s Jenni Klauder Enables Her Two Careers to Thrive Side-by-side
The Community Manager and opera singer at the growing real estate startup brings a generosity of spirit to all she takes on.
Brewing Strong Office Culture: Where Coffee and Workplace Values Align
At Joyride Coffee three entrepreneurial brothers are reinvigorating workplace culture one cold brew tap at a time.
Photography by Emma Mullins
Hitting the Right Cultural Note at Sprout Social: Meet Katy Harth
The opera singer turned Office Manager became the steward of a diverse, people-centred workplace at the Chicago tech giant.
From College Radio DJ to a Global Startup: Meet Ashley Stires of Tictail
The People and Office Experience Manager leveraged her music industry experience and grew her role at a design startup.
How Clara Lending's Carissa Spencer Cultivates a Kind Company Culture
The FinTech startup’s Office Manager draws on her background in film production to create an effective and empathetic workspace.
How Kristine Suh Became Chartbeat’s Ambassador of Culture
From constructing gingerbread houses to fostering career growth, the People Operations Manager emphasizes engagement and interaction.
By Dominick Mastrangelo
How Sara Lewis Balances the Books and Builds Office Culture at Idealist
The growing nonprofit’s Accounting and Office Manager brings a personal focus to her many responsibilities.
Company all together
How a Swedish Tradition Helped Aditi Ramesh Build Culture at TransferWise
Fika, a company-wide coffee break, helped colleagues in TransferWise's New York office connect as humans.
Regis Wakefield horizantal
Owls to Employee Experience: Regis Wakefield of Greenhouse
How grit, passion, and organization create an engaging, streamlined company culture at Greenhouse.
Nikki Richard at Bark & Co
Nikki Richard Creates a Happy Home for Bark & Co Employees
Bark & Co's Efficiency Manager shares her strategies for keeping the team connected and comfortable.
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