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Keep up to date on all that’s happening in the world of office culture in our monthly newsletter.
Keep up to date on all that’s happening in the world of office culture in our monthly newsletter.
The Efficient Office
It takes a lot of work to make running a workplace look easy. Get expert insights into the systems, processes, and philosophies that will enable your office to run seamlessly.
Time management tips for administrative professionals and office managers
Time Management Essentials for Office Professionals
Learn how to make smarter decisions and make time work for you.
best office layout seating chart for open plan office
Seating Chart Design: How to Create a Flexible Open Office
Strategies to make your space fit what your work necessitates—not the other way around
office organization ideas decluttering
How to Declutter and Organize Your Office
Strategies to create, and maintain, a streamlined, happier workspace.
Kaitlyn Payne Interior Designer Basicspace office design
Eight Budget-Friendly Steps to Transform Your Office Design
Interior designer Kaitlyn Payne walks you through how to approach an office renovation or redesign with your budget in mind.
Boston-based startup Robin open plan office scheduling software and helps build workplace culture
Schedule All the Spaces of the Modern Office with Robin
The Boston-based startup helps unlock the power of an open floor plan.
Coworking approach to the modern office space for a great employee experience
To Create a Great Office Experience, Borrow from Coworking
As employee expectations around office experience grow, adopt a hospitality approach for a great employee experience.
OrderGroove office renovation
Working Together to Create a Collaborative Space at OrderGroove
Karen Weeks, VP of People, worked with interior design firm Basicspace to renovate and transform the growing startup’s office.
Modern workplace design illustration by Tin Nguyen
Create an Office Employees Love as Workplace Design Evolves
Invest in features that meet the needs of your team to create a truly innovative, welcoming workspace.
Office lighting improvements employee health productivity happiness
Improve Office Lighting to Boost Employee Productivity
How office lighting impacts your team's productivity, health, and happiness.
Office party ideas that promote diversity and inclusion
Ideas for Planning Inclusive Office Holiday Parties
Take a people-first approach in order to plan workplace events where everyone feels welcome.
Planning team lunch meals
Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Team Meal
How to put together straightforward, inclusive meals that highlight your values and satisfy the entire office.
Managing and welcoming remote workers
Managing and Connecting Remote Workers to Company Culture
How to build authentic relationships with your colleagues in the age of the distributed workforce.
Structuring a Recruiting Process: Insights from Sidewalk Labs’ Jan Fiegel
The Alphabet Company’s Head of Talent offers advice for setting up an effective recruiting and interview process.
Employee Monitoring and Data Collection By Tin Nguyen for Managed by Q
Your Office Is Watching: The Ethics of Employee Monitoring
How to navigate the legal and ethical questions that arise as workplace monitoring technology becomes more sophisticated and commonplace.
Illustration by Tin Nguyen
Behind the Battle Over the Office Thermostat
How algorithms, gender, and bias shape our search for the perfect office temperature.
Photo by Dominick Mastrangelo
Plants Make People Happy, Especially at Work
The scientifically proven benefits of plants in the workplace.
Successful working together and workplace collaboration
All Together Now: How to Get Workplace Collaboration Right
Nurturing true collaboration is key to successful and productive teams.
Illustration by Tin Nguyen
The Utopian Vision of the Eight Hour Day
The traditional workweek has enormous influence on our culture, even as it applies to fewer American workers.
Offsite Meetings and Retreats Photo by Nick Dunlap
Six Easy Steps for Planning a Team Offsite Meeting
How to leverage company retreats to build creativity, buy-in, and energy for your work.
How to Master the Office Move with Datadog’s Matt Cherveny
A thoughtful, organized approach can turn an office move into a culture-building opportunity.
Bike to work by Nick Dunlap
Get Your Commute in Gear With a Bike-Friendly Office
Biking to work is great for employee wellness - here's how to set up a bike-friendly workplace.
Melanie and Brandy dog friendly office by Nick Dunlap
Bring Your Pet to Work: Your Guide to a Dog-Friendly Office
How to navigate the benefits and challenges of pet and dog-friendly offices.
Nicola Carpenter and Tim Cynova discuss office redesign on a budget
How Fractured Atlas Created Space For All Working Styles
Inside an arts nonprofit’s people-centric, budget-friendly office redesign
Snacks in the Office May Make You Happy, but Are They Good for You?
Choose healthier office food with these six nutritionist-approved guidelines.
Your Office May Be Killing You Softly: Inside Sick Building Syndrome
Toxic buildings can be hard to diagnose, but have real consequences for the workplace.
Mindfulness full size Annette Wong
Put Meditation to Work: Inside the Mindfulness Movement
Meditation in the workplace can boost productivity and happiness.
Open Plan Office
Designing an Office Where Your Whole Team Can Thrive
We explore strategies to design your office to support the productivity and happiness of all team members.
Live the good (work) life with us
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Get the best of All Hands delivered to your inbox
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