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Keep up to date on all that’s happening in the world of office culture in our monthly newsletter.
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Immerse yourself in the unique company traditions, honed best practices, and cutting edge ideas that are redefining what workplace culture can be and become.
Creating company culture in a coworking space
How to Keep Your Company Culture Strong in a Shared Workspace
These strategies will enable you to develop a unique company culture even if you share a coworking space.
How to bring together office space and culture to create workplace innovation
Creating Space for Innovation at ?WhatIf?!
How the consulting firm integrates their space and culture to highlight their people-first approach
How to celebrate and recognize employees
How to Meaningfully Recognize and Celebrate Employees
Effective employee praise, recognition, and awards can increase team members’ happiness and performance.
How to meet employee needs beyond perks
The Workplace as a Culture, Cause, and Second Home
How to meet employees’ true needs and cultivate career mobility, community, and motivation for your team.
how to form an employee resource group
How to Form an Employee Resource Group
Increase belonging, bolster inclusion efforts, and foster diversity at work.
Culture building global workplace
How Global Workplace Practices Can Benefit Your Office
Incorporating these ideas from around the globe can strengthen your culture and help your office become a healthier, happier place to work.
flexibility in the workplace
Empower Employees with Flexible Work Schedules
Five options to bring workplace flexibility to your team.
Understanding office dress code policy
Demystifying Your Office Dress Code Policy
How to combine personal style and work-appropriate attire.
Navigating workplace transparency in the digital era
Navigating Workplace Transparency in the Digital Era
As technology advances, old questions about the security of our information and corporate decision-making remain: what should be shared, with whom, and how much?
The history and future of work life balance and leisure time.
The Past and Future of Our Work and Leisure Time
How growing workloads, economic shifts, and technological evolution impacts our health and how we spend our time.
employee learning and development
Supporting Employee Learning and Development at HubSpot
The philosophy behind the Boston-based marketing automation and sales platform’s “Always Be Growing” mentality.
Love and relationships at the office illustration by Sergio Membrillas
A Modern Guide to Love and Relationships at the Office
HR expert Emma Leeds breaks down how to navigate workplace romance with a focus on consent, fairness, and safety.
Hygge Ikigai Laggom Office Culture
Hygge, Lagom, and Ikigai: A Guide to a Welcoming, Well-Balanced Office
How these lifestyle concepts can help you create a more harmonious office culture.
It's Not in Your Head: Mental Health in the Office
Talking about mental health in the workplace can be de-stigmatized by understanding your rights and your employer’s obligations.
Employee code of conduct
Create a Code of Conduct to Support an Inclusive Company
A well-written and consistently enforced Code of Conduct serves both your team and your business.
Etiquette for the Modern Office
Daniel Post Senning shares guidelines for creating a culture of respect in the evolving workplace.
Workplace volunteering and corporate community service
How to Give Back: Company Volunteer and Service Programs
Define your values and goals to set up an impactful, meaningful workplace volunteer program.
Working Through Growing Pains: How to Keep Company Culture Strong as You Scale
Four strategies to ensure that your company culture thrives as you grow.
Photo by Jenn Emerling
How Clover Health Maintained a Mission-Driven Culture Amid Rapid Growth
The Employee Experience Team supported company culture development as the company grew.
Making Room for Productive Politics at the Office
Managing political conversation and feelings in the workplace starts with listening.
How Brandwatch Creates a First Impression: Inside the Global Company's Hiring and Onboarding
From the first conversation to the first day on the job, communicating values is key.
Image courtesy of Marmoset
Inclusivity by Design: A Talk With Ryan Wines of Marmoset
The leader of a Portland-based global music agency shares a blueprint for building a diverse, happy workplace.
The business benefits of taking a vacation.
Get Down to Business and Take a Vacation
Taking time off improves morale, wellness, and productivity at work. So why do we take so little of it?
Parent-friendly workplace by Tin Nguyen
Six Strategies to Create a Parent-Friendly Workplace
How everyone can benefit when companies enable employees to balance family and work responsibilities.
How Jeannine at Casper Brings Together Company Mission and Employee Recognition
Thoughtful gifts for employees can reflect company values and build workplace culture.
Illustration by Tin Nguyen
Empathy is a Must-Have Skill for the Modern Office
Therapist Sarah Birdsong explains how teams can practice empathy to improve communication and boost performance.
Embracing Cooperative AI Can Give You an Edge at the Office
With the rise of friendly chatbots and welcoming robots, the future of work is closer and more familiar than we imagined.
Transferwise by Dominick Mastrangelo
Culture Counts: Why It Pays to Nurture Company Culture
In a changing work environment a focus on creating a strong company culture is key for success.
Omboarding new employee new hire orientation
First Impressions Are Everything: How to Welcome New Hires
Onboarding new employees directly correlates with retention, satisfaction, and engagement–here’s how to get it right.
Feed image by Dominick Mastrangelo
Happiness Isn’t Free, But It Need Not Break the Bank
Six strategies to build a scalable, sustainable, and memorable company culture on a budget.
Diversity by Tin Nguyen
Frameworks for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
Ellen Pao shares strategies for building and sustaining diverse teams and inclusive companies
Getting Your Remote Workers on the Same Page
Culture, communication, and transparency are key to creating a positive experience for remote team members.
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